Re: Mistery module - more details and corrections

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2003-10-18 14:28:59 wrote:
>>I still think it's an MF 1.x, because I just found a foto of 
>>one without the 
>>extra socket (but there are holes for it). Please check if 
>>there are ICs 
>>under the 6821 and the RAM or EPROM. You should find another 
>>74LS33 and a 
>>74LS30 and 74LS00.
>>The lower side should read "MF1" and "(c) 1986 by GREWE 
>>it isn't a pirated clone.
> Yes, there are those additional 74LS* ICs, exactly as you noted. No text on the bottom side, so it must be a clandestine product.
> So, what does this cartridge do, and is it for the C-64 or the C-128?

The Magic Formel is for the C64, but a C128 Version was planned and never 
released. According to the manual. if used in the C128, it will not 
autostart, but start when you enter C64 mode manually. It's a freezer 
cartridge similar to the Action Replay, it has a good freezer and a RAM 
fastloader. In a test published by 64'er magazine they said that both are 
better (faster, more compatible) than those of the AR. You start the freezer 
by hitting the restore key.

In case you need the ROM dump, I think I saw it on one of the cartridge ROM 
sites (maybe in the "unemulated" package). Maybe I have a dump of the version 
2 ROMs as well, but I heard that some changes other than installing the 
missing socket are needed. AFAIK V2 added some application programs like a 
simple paint program and text editor.


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