RE: Mistery module - more details and corrections
Date: 2003-10-18 17:06:13

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> The Magic Formel is for the C64, but a C128 Version was 
> planned and never 
> released. According to the manual. if used in the C128, it will not 
> autostart, but start when you enter C64 mode manually. It's a freezer 
> cartridge similar to the Action Replay, it has a good freezer 
> and a RAM 
> fastloader. In a test published by 64'er magazine they said 
> that both are 
> better (faster, more compatible) than those of the AR. You 
> start the freezer 
> by hitting the restore key.
> In case you need the ROM dump, I think I saw it on one of the 
> cartridge ROM 
> sites (maybe in the "unemulated" package). Maybe I have a 
> dump of the version 
> 2 ROMs as well, but I heard that some changes other than 
> installing the 
> missing socket are needed. AFAIK V2 added some application 
> programs like a 
> simple paint program and text editor.
> Nicolas
Thanks a lot, Nicolas. In any case, the module's dead, as the C-64 goes blank if
turned on with this module inserted. I don't know whether I'll try to fix it, by reprogging the EPROM.

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