RE: Mistery module - more details and corrections
Date: 2003-10-15 23:39:50

> I still think it's an MF 1.x, because I just found a foto of 
> one without the 
> extra socket (but there are holes for it). Please check if 
> there are ICs 
> under the 6821 and the RAM or EPROM. You should find another 
> 74LS33 and a 
> 74LS30 and 74LS00.
> The lower side should read "MF1" and "(c) 1986 by GREWE 
> it isn't a pirated clone.
Yes, there are those additional 74LS* ICs, exactly as you noted. No text on the bottom side, so it must be a clandestine product.

So, what does this cartridge do, and is it for the C-64 or the C-128?

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