Re: Help with 1571 for C128D?

From: matt (
Date: 2003-10-14 10:35:20

yes me again
I think it's the c128d i tryed a friends 1571 pcb and it still does the same thing
if i do a dir in 128 mode it comes up whit the name of the disk and so on but the 
size it wrong ge 663 blocks free but will say 6*6 blocks free &63 blocks free etc 
it dose this on a 1571 and a 1541 so its not the drive or SQRin has any one fix a 
c128 with loading problems??? 
at these
 a serial loopback conntor does any one have a prog that will test this???


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> hey all iv been fix my c128D 1571 drive the led just stayed on, i'v replace 
> the cpu 6522's and 6526 and "ram? it maybe to old" rom gal (the 40pin)
> now the led flashes and go out but if i try to load something the head dose't
> move and the led flashes untill i reset the drive.
> if i type Print DS$ it says 352jÿkkdlsa.. etc not 
> "73,cbm dos v3.0 1571,00,00" if i unpulg the drive and contect a 1541 it works fine
> doest anyone know how to move the head by open15,...etc so i can test that part of it?
> and or is there a way to upload data to the ram and download it to test the ram and data flow??
> Help its gone on for days iv run out of ideas :'(
> ta
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