RE: (slightly OT:) Parallel port question
Date: 2003-10-14 08:24:27

>> If data is sent to the LPT port, STROBE/ will go active low. 
>> So if you monitor that, what's the problem? 
>Very good remark. But let's go a step further: what programs can send print commands? One 
>of the reasons I run my C= related programs under DOS is that I know for 100% who is in 
>charge and therefor know who is in control of the LPT- and other ports. With Wxxx you 
>don't have that guarantee.
Yes, neither do you have it with Linux, but apparently you have it with QNX. But so what? The LPT port is a piece of hardware that knows "by itself" how to manage the nitty-gritty of control pins. It doesn't care what OS or wordprocessor you are using, this stuff is abstracted.

A note: STROBE/ was just my initial idea, but by no means should you take this for granted. There might be much better choices of pins to monitor, or even a combination of them. And another note: this solution may or may not be viable, but so far nobody has told me a good reason why it isn't.

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