Re: Help with 1571 for C128D?

From: matt (
Date: 2003-09-27 12:01:35

hey all iv been fix my c128D 1571 drive the led just stayed on, i'v replace 
the cpu 6522's and 6526 and "ram? it maybe to old" rom gal (the 40pin)
now the led flashes and go out but if i try to load something the head dose't
move and the led flashes untill i reset the drive.
if i type Print DS$ it says 352jÿkkdlsa.. etc not 
"73,cbm dos v3.0 1571,00,00" if i unpulg the drive and contect a 1541 it works fine

doest anyone know how to move the head by open15,...etc so i can test that part of it?
and or is there a way to upload data to the ram and download it to test the ram and data flow??

Help its gone on for days iv run out of ideas :'(


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