Re: Building an external CPU accelerator

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2003-08-20 23:45:06

>>>>> "OA" == Oliver Achten <> writes:

OA> The biggest simplification lies in the lack of defining windows
OA> for certain memory areas for faster memory writes. The SCPU has
OA> lots of registers for this issue, this accelerator would have a
OA> fixed window @ $0000-01ff, the most important memory area in the
OA> system, to make it possible to integrate the logic into a smaller
OA> CPLD. Using a fast ROM instead of enabling reads to the SLOW Roms
OA> for copying it into the ram also simplifies the circuit.

Well fewer registers means you can use a smaller CPLD instead of a big
FPGA, but the electrical circuit is just as complex.

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