RE: Commodore data transfers (Re: PC to 1541 - best available sol ution?)
Date: 2003-07-08 14:48:43

On 08 July 2003 13:10, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 10:33:53AM +0100, 
> wrote:
> > you've missed SnaffleUpADisk
> I've added it now, thanks.  As a matter of fact, I had a look 
> at the code, but I didn't test it, as I don't have a 6551 
> cartridge (SwiftLink) for the Commodore 64.  For the same 
> reason, the 6551 routines of cbmlink for the C64 don't work 
> (while those for the CBM II and for the plus/4 do).

ahh - makes sense.

> If I remember correctly, your routines use a fixed interleave 
> for reading the disk.  The fastloader code that Andreas 
> Andersson contributed to cbmlink adapts the interleave 
> factor, reading the sectors in arbitrary order.

Good point - I should adjust it to just send unsent blocks as and when it
finds them.  There is also very little error checking at the moment. I
should get back to it at some stage, but as always there are too many
projects and too little time ;-)

Is anyone else out there interested, btw?


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