RE: Commodore data transfers (Re: PC to 1541 - best available sol ution?)
Date: 2003-07-10 11:38:33

On 09 July 2003 23:41, Groepaz wrote:
> maybe i should mention my "rr" program 
> ( .... 
> runs on 
> dos/win32/linux at the moment (macos port is in the making) and 
> besides a lot of other things (primary purpose is remote 
> debugging) it can be 
> used to transfer / upload data to (currently) the c64.

How much are retro-replays these days?  May have to track one down :)

> also magervalp has written a simelar program in PERL 
> ( ...

Last I looked at that, it was using an extension module that I failed
to get working.  The fink people may have since made that process easier,
but since moving to Python for my scripting needs, I find Perl difficult
to get motivated about ;-)

> On Tuesday 08 July 2003 11:33, 
> wrote:
> > "This code has only been tested under Mac OS X versions 10.1.2 and 
> > 10.1.3, on a G4/AGP with a keyspan USB to Serial converter.""

> just for curiosity... i'd be very greatful if you could point me to a
> source-snippet that demonstrates serial i/o in macos.... i got my stuff 
> working fine in djgpp/cygwin/mingw32/linux but it just refuses to do
> things in macos :(

Is that classic or X you are referring to?  They are very different beasts.
Under OS X (oh ess ten), I just used standard posix stuff - if you grab
from it should be quite easy to extract the
code, although you'd do just as well with cbmlink ;-)  (It must be said
though - 
I have yet to manage to do any CN232 firmware upgrades under OS X - not sure
it's a driver problem or a hardware bug in my USB/serial converter)

Under Mac OS 9 or earlier, I'd have to do some rummaging.  I couldn't really
any particularly meaningful tests though, as our household currently has an
and the aforementioned G4, neither of which have built-in serial, which is
presumably what you are attempting to get working.  Although having said
using an external serial converter would ensure you weren't doing anything
that relied on just having the original two serial ports named printer and
modem ;-)


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