85xx <------> 65xx Mutually replaceable?

Date: 2003-07-05 13:56:27



I got hold of a broken C-64c. This thing uses a 8500 instead of a 6510 and similarly
 the other components appear to be from the 85xx series. The only familiar ICs I 
could see were the 225 ROM and two 6526.
The 8500 has same pinout as the 6510, is it safe to replace a 8500 with a 6510? 
And what about the 8580 and 8565?

OK, and now a ROM 225 related question, that is particularly interesting to me: can
 I assume with 95% certainty, that if the C-64 only displays colored squares instead
 of characters AND instead of sprites, that the 225 is bust? I'm asking this because I 
am about to replace the 225 in the C-64c, and the safest way to do it (for me, people 
with healthy eyes my not share my point of view (pun included)) is to cut the pins on
 the chip and then desolder them one by one. This would render the 225 unusable, 
so I must be sure I'm destroying a broken 225.

Thanks in advance


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