RE: 85xx <------> 65xx Mutually replaceable?
Date: 2003-07-05 22:31:37

Excellent proposal Scott,

except I don't have any more than this one C-64c, so basically 
this is the only 251715 in my house, or in the whole Scotti family
for that matter (I've got some more C-64s in Germany at my wife's, 
but they are all the good-old brownish breadbox).



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¤I had a 64 with what sounds like the exact same problem and it 
¤turned out
¤that the PLA was bad. If you can unsolder just the VCC and GND 
¤pins from the
¤(suspected) bad chip and piggyback it with a good chip to test 
¤the VCC and GND to it temporarily), it might make your life a 
¤bit easier.

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