RE: 85xx <------> 65xx Mutually replaceable?
Date: 2003-07-05 15:20:14

Hello Ruud,

thanks a lot, really helpful! But let me clarify something, and I will cite 
my original post: "[..] the C-64 only displays colored squares instead
 of characters AND instead of sprites [..]" I never said this happens on
startup - there you don't have sprites. This happens when I pop in a
game cart. Otherwise, at startup I only see light blue squares on a dark
 blue background. NOw I don't mean to say that you aren't correct in
dismissing my assumption, I just want to provide all the data. BTW, the
game is actually somewhat playable, except that sprites are bigger squares
while there are 4 stripes/areas filled with colorful squares. When there is no
cart, at startup the light bue squares are located in those same 4 stripes/areas.

Anyway, thanks a lot for a very informative post.


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Hallo Mario, 
> The 8500 has same pinout as the 6510, is it safe to replace a 
> 8500 with a 6510? 
No Problem. 
> And what about the 8580 
The 6581 needs 12V instead of the 9V for the 8580. The 9V won't harm the 6581 
but i cannot guarrantee that it will work properly.
> and 8565? 
No problem AFAIK. 
> can I assume with 95% certainty, ... that the 225 is bust? 
No. In fact I never encounterd a brooken CHARROM in my life. If the CHARROM is brooken I expect allkind of garbage on the screen but in the standard sturt-up colors. Certainly NOT all kind of colored squares. 

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