Re: PLA equations

From: Miika Seppänen (
Date: 2003-06-09 21:23:45

Raymond C. Bryan wrote:

> Since some of the early C64's used the 82s100 instead of the MOS 906114 
> can't this  GAL/adapter fix work on most c64 boards (rev A-C)? This is 
> _the_ chip in really short supply for repairing the old 64's (since it 
> is the chip most likely to have failed in a dead or flaky C64).
Here's something I've found from the web:
There's not too much information, but I guess that's for some PET-series 
  CBM? So, at least it's far from impossible to find a working solution 
for PLA-problems. Video-chips are more tricky...


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