Re: PLA equations

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2003-06-09 21:04:47

Raymond C. Bryan wrote:
>> BTW, because Jens told me that he does not yet have replacement PLAs 
>> for the 8296, I decided to put Andre's equations into a GAL and make 
>> an adaptor socket for it. It works nicely, but only the "small" 82S100 
>> PLA can be replaced with a GAL and some tricks are needed (feedback) 
>> to squeeze it in. Since only the small PLA was broken in my board this 
>> was fine for me.
> Since some of the early C64's used the 82s100 instead of the MOS 906114 
> can't this  GAL/adapter fix work on most c64 boards (rev A-C)? This is 
> _the_ chip in really short supply for repairing the old 64's (since it 
> is the chip most likely to have failed in a dead or flaky C64).

It won't work, because a GAL is too small to hold the contents of a C64 PLA. 
This is what Jens Schönfeld's universal PLA replacement board is made for. 
The device is ready for sale, so please ask him about availability and price. 
His c64 page is at, or visit his main page at

Jens is very slow in shipping products, because he has so many new 
developments going on (c-one, Ethernet add-on for RR, ...), so good luck in 
getting something from him. For Amiga products, he has resellers that have a 
much faster service, but I don't think he has resellers for his C64 stuff.


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