Re: PLA equations

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2003-06-09 20:29:10

>BTW, because Jens told me that he does not yet have replacement PLAs 
>for the 8296, I decided to put Andre's equations into a GAL and make 
>an adaptor socket for it. It works nicely, but only the "small" 
>82S100 PLA can be replaced with a GAL and some tricks are needed 
>(feedback) to squeeze it in. Since only the small PLA was broken in 
>my board this was fine for me.

Since some of the early C64's used the 82s100 instead of the MOS 
906114 can't this  GAL/adapter fix work on most c64 boards (rev A-C)? 
This is _the_ chip in really short supply for repairing the old 64's 
(since it is the chip most likely to have failed in a dead or flaky 

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