Re: AW: Re: CP/M programming for the C128?

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2003-01-30 00:04:04

>  >  Hej allihopa!
> What's the meaning of this phrase? OK it looks like a greeting phrase,
> but what's the correct translation ?
> Best answer would be the German surrogate for it but a English
> description would be welcome too.

It means "Hi everyone!". When I joined the list I started using the
phrase and other Swedes seem to have picked it up. Or maybe someone used
it before me? I stole the idea from Ruud Baltissen who uses "Hallo
allemaal" which is the same phrase in Dutch (or so I guess. Shame on me
if I'm wrong here).

I'm not sure what it would be in German. "Hallo alles"?

/Niklas Ramsberg

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