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Date: 2002-11-30 17:16:10

Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
> really don't have the need for another speeder. Besides, there's not
> much room inside a 1541-II and the motherboard sits under the drive
> mechanism, so it's not very practical to have the Flash programmer in
> there. :( 

You're right, of course, this is a disadvantage if you want to use it more 
often than during the setup process to program Flashs. Also, if the device is 
installed onto a socket in the 1541-II, it's not possible to install the 
drive mech into its original possition anymore. I think it would fit if the 
device is not put onto a socket, but soldered into the 1541-II mainboard 
directly. But I never tried this, and probably never will. The same problem 
exists in the 1571, the power supply sits very close on the mainboard. In 
both drives, none of the components that are under the board may be socketed 
in this case, and the original ROM must be removed (because it's always in a 

> Does the ROM adaptor come with build instructions? I'll probably need
> them. ;)

Yes, I will make step-by-step instructions, because it's important to install 
the components in the correct sequence, otherwise it might become impossible 
to solder some connections.

> Do you have a good source for 29Cxxx and other FLASH/EPROM/whatever
> chips? My local electronics supplyer here in Sweden (Elfa) doesn't seem
> to sell them. Or maybe MagerValp knows where to get them in Göteborg
> (where we both live)?

I usually order Flashs and OTP-EPROMs from, they're quite 
cheap. I don't buy EPROMs or EEPROMs, because they're too expensive in 
comparison, and I can get enough EPROMs for free from old PC mainboards.

If you like, you can also order the parts for the adaptor from me, but 
currently I have only the cheap sockets and the DIL adaptors in stock, which 
I cannot recommend to beginners, so you'll have to wait for my next order at 
Reichelt, which probably will be next year.


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