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Date: 2002-11-30 16:12:21

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 14:27:08 +0100
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> BTW, maybe I didn't make this clear enough in my previous post: my
> Flash ROM/RAM expansion board can be installed in a 1541, and you can
> program C64 Kernals there! If you flash the drive speeder images from
> the Emulator sites, you'll get a free floppy speeder (any serial
> speeder, or Dolphin DOS with an extra parallel cable).

How could I miss that? You have a picture of the board in a 1541 on your
site. Anyway, the thing is that I use a 1541-II with JiffyDOS, so I
really don't have the need for another speeder. Besides, there's not
much room inside a 1541-II and the motherboard sits under the drive
mechanism, so it's not very practical to have the Flash programmer in
there. :( Anyway, i think I'll go for the Batronix device for the added
flexibility (and for the challenge of building one).

Does the ROM adaptor come with build instructions? I'll probably need
them. ;)

Do you have a good source for 29Cxxx and other FLASH/EPROM/whatever
chips? My local electronics supplyer here in Sweden (Elfa) doesn't seem
to sell them. Or maybe MagerValp knows where to get them in Göteborg
(where we both live)?


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