From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2002-12-01 22:06:51

MagerValp <> wrote:
> Tema Elektronik, Nordostpassagen. Cheaper than ELFA and a better
> selection when it comes to some things.

Thanks. Coming to think of it, I think you told me about that shop a few
months ago.

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<> wrote:> Yes, I will make step-by-step
instructions, because it's important to install > the components in the
correct sequence, otherwise it might become impossible > to solder some


> I usually order Flashs and OTP-EPROMs from, they're
> quite cheap. I don't buy EPROMs or EEPROMs, because they're too
> expensive in comparison, and I can get enough EPROMs for free from old
> PC mainboards.

Thanks for the tip. It's always good to have more than one place to shop
for stuff.

> If you like, you can also order the parts for the adaptor from me, but
> currently I have only the cheap sockets and the DIL adaptors in stock,
> which I cannot recommend to beginners, so you'll have to wait for my
> next order at Reichelt, which probably will be next year.

I'll check with Tema Elektronik and see what they have in stock. I'll
send you an order for EPROM adaptors as soon as I've figured out how
many I need./Niklas

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