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Date: 2002-11-30 14:27:08

Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
> Did you take a look at the Batronix programmer? Would you say that it
> would be possible for a beginner to build the kit? The only soldering
> I've done so far is installing a socket in a 1541 and soldering a few
> cables. The assembled device is almost twice as expensive (although
> still affordable).

I had a quick look, and it should be as easy to assemble as soldering that 
socket. You will have more trouble to assemble my ROM adaptors, because I 
made them with the main goal to keep them as small as possible. This is why I 
used SMD resistors and why it's not easy to assemble the socket from the top 
and the socket adaptor from the bottom. I found it's easiest if I use 
precision sockets and two SIL adaptors, and it's hardest with low cost 
sockets and one DIL adaptor. Other combinations will work and make some 
trouble as well. Also, the smaller the soldering iron, the better.

BTW, maybe I didn't make this clear enough in my previous post: my Flash 
ROM/RAM expansion board can be installed in a 1541, and you can program C64 
Kernals there! If you flash the drive speeder images from the Emulator sites, 
you'll get a free floppy speeder (any serial speeder, or Dolphin DOS with an 
extra parallel cable). So if you don't need to be able to burn the many 
different EPROMs as offered by the Batronix device, you will even save some 
money :-) I think the parts for my device are available for about EUR 10 
(plus costs for PCB).


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