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Date: 2002-11-30 13:19:12

Thanks for your reply. The Batronix programmer supports flash EPROMS as
well (including the 29C010) in addition to a wide range of EPROMS and
EEPROMS (which it can also erase). Your reply made me decide on buying
it. I'll certainly order a few adaptors from you since I have no way to
make PCBs myself. 

Did you take a look at the Batronix programmer? Would you say that it
would be possible for a beginner to build the kit? The only soldering
I've done so far is installing a socket in a 1541 and soldering a few
cables. The assembled device is almost twice as expensive (although
still affordable).


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> Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
> > Since it can be used to program EEPROMs, I started to think it might
> > be a good idea to use EEPROMs instead of EPROMS. That way, I won't
> > have to invest in an EPROM eraser. I'll mainly use it to experiment
> > with different kernals in my C=s (C64, C128, VIC-20, Plus/4). Is it
> > possible to substitute e.g. a 28C256 for the 23256 or 23128 chips in
> > the C128 or for the 24 pin ROMs in the C64 and VIC-20 (provided I
> > rewire the pins that don't match)?
> As far as I know, the 28Cxxx series is completely pin compatible with
> the 27Cxxx series. I have an EEPROM programmer for the C64, the DELA
> EPROMMER II. EEPROMs are even programmed with the same programming
> alghorithm as EPROMs, only the erasing of the chip needs a special new
> alghorithm.
> If you need a 28pin to 24pin adaptor (or 32 to 28, 28 to 28, or 32 to
> 24), have a look at my projects page. It also contains a Flash ROM
> programmer for 6502 computers. Since its main purpose is not the
> programming process, only very few devices are supported, actually
> it's only the Atmel 29C010 and compatibles. Still, since these chips
> are much cheaper now than EPROMs, it's a better idea to use those to
> replace a kernal. You can put 16 different kernals in one chip :-) Oh,
> the address:
> There are also simple Flash programmers for the C64, I think there's
> one on Funet and another one on
> Nicolas
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