Re:Re: VIC-20 Mikro Assembler

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2002-06-16 17:11:59

Marko Mäkelä <> wrote on 2002-06-16 16:37:22:
>The images are now also available at 
>  I optimized the 
>scans with jpegtran, but that didn't make them much smaller.

Thanks! It's nice to finally be able to contribute something to the 
Commodore community after only downloading stuff for a few years.

I'm sorry about the size of the scans, but I didn't want to 
compromise on the quality. If I had chosen a lower resolution, the 
text would have become almost unreadable.

>According to the PCB scan, the cartridge has six 2114 chips, which 
>me suspect that it has a built-in 3-kilobyte RAM expansion.

When I plug it in to my VIC, it says "3071 Bytes free" just like it 
should do according to the manual. Wouldn't it show more free memory 
if there was a 3k expansion in there? Or do you think part of the 
program is copied from the ROMs into RAM?

>Alternatively, you could try remap the 16k expansion from BLK1+BLK2 
>BLK3+BLK5, but you'd still need to plug in both the 16k expansion 
>the 3k expansion simultaneously, or the program won't work.

I've thought about that, but I don't think it's worth the trouble. I 
think I'll go for Ruud's or Adam Bergström's internal 32K expansion 
instead (or wait for your cartridge to become available).

To MagerValp: I have already read your article, but I don't like the 
idea of putting a soldering iron directly onto the VIC's chips.

I do live in Gothenburg (Mölndal to be precise). I'll ask Tema 
Elektronik what they have.


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