Re: VIC-20 Mikro Assembler

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-06-16 18:06:30

Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
> I'm sorry about the size of the scans, but I didn't want to 
> compromise on the quality.

The jpegtran utility performs lossless transformations on JPEG files, 
such as cropping on macrocell boundaries, rotating, transposing, and 
turning colour images to black and white.  (Your black and white scans 
were stored as colour images.)

> If I had chosen a lower resolution, the 
> text would have become almost unreadable.

I agree.

> When I plug it in to my VIC, it says "3071 Bytes free" just like it 
> should do according to the manual. Wouldn't it show more free memory 
> if there was a 3k expansion in there? Or do you think part of the 
> program is copied from the ROMs into RAM?

What does ?PEEK(43),PEEK(44),PEEK(45),PEEK(46) report?  Maybe the 
cartridge hides some of the memory from BASIC and reserves it for 
assembled object code?  3071 bytes is an odd figure; an unexpanded VIC 
has 3583 bytes free.


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