Re: VIC-20 Mikro Assembler

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-06-16 16:37:22

Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
> I've never done this before, and none of my VICs are equipped to do 
> it (no reset switch, etc.), but as it turned out, the cart had a 
> monitor called TIM built in, so it was just a matter of finding out 
> what addresses the ROMs were mapped to and then saving them to .prg 
> files from inside the monitor. Said and done. To my surprise, it 
> worked! :)

I remember a machine language monitor for the C64 that would not let its 
own code to be accessed.  Also, I remember a tape copying program that 
would refuse to copy itself.  In other words, you were lucky.

 > I've tried loading them in  Vice 1.9 with full memory
> expansion, and they work just fine.

According to the PCB scan, the cartridge has six 2114 chips, which makes 
me suspect that it has a built-in 3-kilobyte RAM expansion.

> A related topic: I only have a 16k and a 3k expansion, which sadly 
> means that I can't use these files with expanded memory. Does anyone 
> have a 32k memory expansion to sell (or trade)?

Alternatively, you could try remap the 16k expansion from BLK1+BLK2 to 
BLK3+BLK5, but you'd still need to plug in both the 16k expansion and 
the 3k expansion simultaneously, or the program won't work.

The images are now also available at  I optimized the 
scans with jpegtran, but that didn't make them much smaller.


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