VIC-20 Mikro Assembler

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2002-06-11 23:44:07

Hej allihop!

A collegue att work gave me this little gem today: the Mikro 
Assembler cartridge for the VIC-20. Yes, that's Mikro, not Micro. I 
couldn't find any info regarding it on the web, so I thought I'd give 
it a try to dump the ROMs.
I've never done this before, and none of my VICs are equipped to do 
it (no reset switch, etc.), but as it turned out, the cart had a 
monitor called TIM built in, so it was just a matter of finding out 
what addresses the ROMs were mapped to and then saving them to .prg 
files from inside the monitor. Said and done. To my surprise, it 
worked! :)

You can find the two .prg files at (the trailing '/' is 
important!). They are called mikro_ass_$a000.prg and mikro_ass_
$6000.prg. I've tried loading them in  Vice 1.9 with full memory 
expansion, and they work just fine.
The ROMs are mapped to the standard (for a 16k cart) $A000-$bfff and 

I've also scanned the manual and the cart itself (including the bare 
PCB. Note the handwritten stickers on the ROMs!). The 15 rather large 
jpg files are at

A related topic: I only have a 16k and a 3k expansion, which sadly 
means that I can't use these files with expanded memory. Does anyone 
have a 32k memory expansion to sell (or trade)?

Yeah, I know, my mails always end up being long as Russian novels. 
Sorry about that.

/Niklas Ramsberg

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