Re: C128 Assembler, C128 manuals, VIC-20 RAM expansion

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-06-15 12:04:58

>>>>> "NR" == Niklas Ramsberg <> writes:

NR> I have found Power Assembler and Merlin 128 on the net, but they
NR> are no good to me without the manuals. And I don't want to shell
NR> out $20 + $10 shipping to get Power Assembler from Centsible
NR> Software. :(

There's also MAS-128 somewhere, but I haven't tried it myself.

NR> Ruud: I'm thinking of building a VIC-20 RAM expansion following your 
NR> schematics. However, there's a similar one at 
NR> that seems a little easier to build (I'm an absolute beginner at 
NR> this). Does your version have any advantages over Adam Bergstrom's?

If you want something that's really simple to build, check out my
article in C= Hacking issue 20,

It requires a minimum of soldering and is written for beginners.

NR> Do you know of any on-line shops in Europe that sell memory chips? 
NR> Jameco sells 32K chips for $3.95, but the shipping charges to Sweden 
NR> are $10, which I think is a bit steep.

Try calling Tema Elektronik, 031-42 86 90. He's usually a lot cheaper
than ELFA. If you're in Gothenburg you can just visit the store at
Nordostpassagen 7. More Swedish electronics dealers can be found at

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