C128 Assembler, C128 manuals, VIC-20 RAM expansion

From: Niklas Ramsberg (niklas.ramsberg_at_swipnet.se)
Date: 2002-06-14 19:43:31

Hej Allihopa!

I'm learning to program in assembly language, and since I have a C128 
I thought it would be fun to use it in its native mode (the 80-column 
screen is really nice...). 
The problem is that most of the assemblers I've found rely on the 
BASIC editor, which I'm not very fond of. I've tried some C64 
assembly using Turbo assembler, and that environment suits me much 
Is there a C128 version of Turbo Assembler (or a similar assembler)? 
If so, where can I get it? 
I have found Power Assembler and Merlin 128 on the net, but they are 
no good to me without the manuals. And I don't want to shell out $20 
+ $10 shipping to get Power Assembler from Centsible Software. :(

Nick Coplin: Are you the one who bid against me for the C128 manual 
collection on eBay a few weeks ago (I noticed that the other bidder 
had the signature ncoplin, so I figured it might be you)? :) 
I want you (and everybody else) to know that I'm thinking of scanning 
the most interesting parts of the manuals and making them publicly 
available on my server. The books are:
- Commodore 128 Programmer's Reference Guide
- Mapping the Commodore 128
- Compute's 128 Programmer's Guide
- Your Commodore 128
Is there any information that might be found in the books that the 
people on this list are particularly interested in?

Ruud: I'm thinking of building a VIC-20 RAM expansion following your 
schematics. However, there's a similar one at 
that seems a little easier to build (I'm an absolute beginner at 
this). Does your version have any advantages over Adam Bergström's?
Do you know of any on-line shops in Europe that sell memory chips? 
Jameco sells 32K chips for $3.95, but the shipping charges to Sweden 
are $10, which I think is a bit steep.

Ha de!
/Niklas Ramsberg

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