Re:Re: C128 Assembler, C128 manuals, VIC-20 RAM expansion

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2002-06-14 21:17:09

Hej allihopa!

Marko Mäkelä <> wrote on 2002-06-14 20:56:59:
>If you're willing to wait some months, my 32k/512k RAM/ROM cartridge 

Oh, yes! I'm willing to wait for that one! Will you build and sell 
them, or will you just provide the schematics?

>Since you're in Sweden, have you tried Elfa or the Ericsson 

I've tried Elfa, but no luck there (smallest SRAM they sell is 256K 
or so). I work for Ericsson and I never even knew there was an 
Ericsson component distributor. :)
I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Ha de,

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