Re: C128 Assembler, C128 manuals, VIC-20 RAM expansion

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-06-14 20:56:59

Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
> Ruud: I'm thinking of building a VIC-20 RAM expansion following your 
> schematics. However, there's a similar one at 
> that seems a little easier to build

There's also one by William Levak, somewhere on FUNET.

If you're willing to wait some months, my 32k/512k RAM/ROM cartridge 
might finally see the light of day.  It is more than a RAM expansion. 
It has a boot-up menu where you can go to BASIC (unexpanded, 3k, 24k 
expanded) or select a program to be decompressed from the ROM to the RAM 
and started.  Both BASIC programs and cartridge-based programs are 
supported.  Unfortunately 512k won't hold even nearly all programs made 
for the VIC-20, but that's the biggest Flash ROM that is available in 
5-volt technology.

Since you're in Sweden, have you tried Elfa or the Ericsson component 


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