Re: 1581 Disk Partitions

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2002-05-16 15:33:13

> When the new partition is created the BAM in the parent is allocated all the
> blocks the partition has been assigned. However, after a N: is given the
> partition BAM has all blocks outside the partition (and local dir-track)
> allocated, and the free space in the partition "free" and that is how DOS
> knows how to allocate within the partion space.

Actually the DOS always remembers/knows the selected partition bounds,
i.e. the lower and upper track numbers, or at least the directory track

Only the used blocks in the directory track are allocated after format,
i.e. 0-3, I think (0 for disk header, 1&2 BAM, 3 the first directory

The allocation of data blocks start from dirtrack+1 upwards (and for
root partition also from dirtrack-1 downwards), so that normal data
is not stored in directory track. New directory blocks are allocated
when required from the directory track.

1581 DOS does not perform data allocation from directory track or
directory allocation from data tracks when space runs out, but there
is no technical reason for not doing it.

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