RE: 1581 Disk Partitions
Date: 2002-05-16 06:04:54

Hi Pasi,

I experiemented also a little bit last night and added some of the partition
selection commands to the next version of 64HDD.

>> 3) are files stored only in the partition space allocated between "start"
>> and "end", or can the whole disk be used.

>Only within the selected partition/subdirectory. The bitmap for a
>subdirectory has the outside area and the allocated blocks of the
>subdirectory's directory track marked as allocated. The directory
>track of a subdirectory is the first track in the partition, not
>the middle one as for the root directory.

This is very helpful information for when I complete the partion 
creation" functions next week. Just to check that I have it correctly...

When the new partition is created the BAM in the parent is allocated all the
blocks the partition has been assigned. However, after a N: is given the
partition BAM has all blocks outside the partition (and local dir-track)
allocated, and the free space in the partition "free" and that is how DOS
knows how to allocate within the partion space.

Many thanks, 


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