PET 3032 and Basic Editor Expander 3.1

From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 2002-05-20 23:07:41


I have now done a succesful ROM dump of the BASIC expander I found in
the PET 3032 I acquired earlier this year, by building a cable to
connect the PET to the disk drive.

A dump is available on my website at

Here's the complete list of commands and what I have discovered so far:

CLINK [???]
 Cassette related
ASSIST (no param)
 Displays last error location
AUTO [step]
 Pre-enters linenumber for next line. Leave
 out step to exit function.
BREAK (no param)
 Jump to monitor
CHANGE [???]
DELETE [line|from-to]
 Deletes lines from current program
 Displays all scalar variables
FIND "string"
 Finds a string in current program
CONVERT dec|$hex
 Converts number from/to hex
 Exits BEE
 Switches display to lower case
NUMBER start[,interval]
 Renumbers current program (incl. GOTOs)
 Interval defaults to 10
TRACE delay
 If delay is non-zero, scroll current operation
 in upper-right corner of screen, waiting
 <delay> (ms?) before continuing. TRACE 0
 Switches display to upper case
EXECUTE "name"
 Loads and runs program from disk
DLOAD "name"
 Loads program from disk
> [command|$]
 No arguments displays status
 $-something displays directory
 Other argument sends command to disk
 Synonym for >
FLIST "name"
 Displays contents of seq file
MERGE "name"
 Merges two programs
PLIST "name"
 List BASIC program from file
SIZE "name"
 Displays program size in bytes?
START "name"
 Displays start address of program
REPEAT [whatever]
 Without argument enables key repeat
 With argumet disables key repeat
 Issues REPEAT command after run
DSAVE "dr:name"
 Saves file to disk, drive number required
FIX (no param)
HCOPY (no param)

None of the extra commands can be used from programs (they all give
syntax error if one tries).

If anyone cares to examine it further, please tell me. I plan to put
this information up close to the page with pictures of the machine

I also dumped the rest of the ROMs. I will compare these to the ones
available on FUNET to see if they are any different. I did not dump the
character ROM (since I didn't have anything to read it in, and I didn't
want to risk running the PET "blind" without a chargen ROM).


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