Re: 1581 Disk Partitions

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2002-05-15 11:16:43

> 1) does the requested block of T&S reserved have to be continuous - I think
> its implied in that a new partition needs formatting, but....

It has to be continuous, and for a partition used as a subdirectory
has to also 1) start at a 40-block boundary (i.e. from the start of
a track) and 2) the size must be N*40 blocks (N >= 1, but N>1 makes

> 2) where in the directory entry is detail for "start" and "end" track for
> the partition stored 

I can't check this right now, but I think it simply was the starting
T&S bytes just as for plain files. The size is in the size bytes.

> 3) are files stored only in the partition space allocated between "start"
> and "end", or can the whole disk be used.

Only within the selected partition/subdirectory. The bitmap for a
subdirectory has the outside area and the allocated blocks of the
subdirectory's directory track marked as allocated. The directory
track of a subdirectory is the first track in the partition, not
the middle one as for the root directory.

> The disks I've looked at seem to show blocks free for the whole disk
> (though all blocks for the partition are relected in size of the CBM file)

Clarification: The partition blocks are allocated from the parent
directory when a partition is made. The fullness of the subdirectory
does not change the 'blocks free' of the parent directory.

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