RE: 6510 CPU extensions - RAMs

From: Gideon Zweijtzer (
Date: 2002-05-02 12:49:53

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    Ruud wrote:
    |Don't know DPRAM well enough: can one system read/write data from one port
    |when the other system is reading from it? If not then we have the same time
    Yes, that's why it's called Dual Port. These chips have two complete access
    ports (Address/Data/Control) to the same memory array.
    |If yes, my second thougt, especially for Gideon: when using DPRAM, we still
    |need the MMU mechanism. So is the effort, using DPRAM, worth the gain in
    On the C=64:
    Yes! The system memory IS also the video-memory, and the bandwidth is only 1
    MB/s. Although we only need to do the writes, it is still very little and
    this might be a big (narrow?) bottleneck.
    On the C=1:
    No, or at best very little. Jeri provided fifo's (write buffers) for writes
    to the video-memory. And, of course the bandwidth on that platform is a lot
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