Using a 27C512 instead of a 82S100 PLA

From: Daniele Gratteri (
Date: 2002-05-01 21:33:33

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    Hello to all of you. I have read that it is possible to use a fast 27C512
    EPROM as a PLA replacement, since with an adaptor it should be possible to
    read the PLA as if it is an EPROM and then the PLA contents can be
    programmed into the 27C512 chip. Now I have some questions:
    - how fast the 82S100 is? I have a Signetics datasheet which says "80ns max.
    I/O propagation delay"
    - where can I find informations about the adapter to be built?
    I want to try this experiment since, if it is successfull, I can help many
    people with PLA problems here in Italy. Thanks in advance,
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