Re: OT: looking for 100*AT90S1313-10SC

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-04-30 19:27:42

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    groepaz wrote:
    > max232 clone? who makes them? and more important, are they available
    > in small quantities (5 pieces or sth) ? maxim keeps telling i could
    > either wait 4 months for 2 pieces or order 5000 and get them in 3 days
    > ;=/ (and i already leeched all i could get from local stores ;=P)
    I ordered 5 free samples of the DS14C232CM (equivalent to the MAX232CSE, 
    which is packaged in SO-16 case) from National Semiconductors.  They 
    arrived in less than 5 days from my order.  If you order them in larger 
    quantities, the unit is 48 pieces.  (2*48+5=101, and I needed 100.) 
    Note that you're more likely to get the chips if you order them to a 
    company address.
    Note that this is not the only company that has MAX232 clones.  Too bad 
    nobody hasn't started making AVR clones yet.
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