Re: SSv5 + REU + T232?

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2002-04-19 13:56:25

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    > > This begs the question of how :-)
    > > 
    > > Personally, this would be a great boon, as I could finally use my FastLoad
    > > and SwiftLink together instead of having to disable one or the other due
    > > to I/O conflicts (FastLoad is greedy and occupies the whole of $de00-$dfff).
    > Using $d500 is not a real option for Turbo232 or Swiftlink, because no
    > software is prepared for this.
    Software is no problem, since I have somewhat privileged access to
    HyperLink 2.5a's internals. ;-)
    > $d700 on the other hand seems to be supported
    > very well by many terminal programs. A Google search turns up some articles
    > about this, but no detailed description of how to do it. But it should be as
    > simple as connecting the above mentioned pin 12 of U3 to pin 6 on the T232
    > jumper block (see previous messages).
    I assume you mean an actual jumper wire connecting the two?
    There is a trace on the SwiftLink board for changing the I/O address.
    Perhaps something similar can be arranged (I'll have to dig up the manual
    which I *do* have for the SL).
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