6510 CPU extensions

From: Gideon Zweijtzer (gideonz_at_dds.nl)
Date: 2002-04-22 09:05:41

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    To those who are interested in the 6510 FPGA project,
    Last weekend I implemented an extra feature to the 6510 FPGA. It is now
    possible to connect the 6510 board to the PC by means of a serial cable. A
    simple UART inside the CPU (that runs at a fixed bitrate of approx. 115200)
    gives access to the CPU-bus by means of a simple protocol. This hardware
    protocol-block is capable of generating internal DMA cycles. In other words,
    it is now possible to look in the C-64's memory or write into the C-64's
    memory while the C-64 is running. You can imagine that at 115200 kbps this
    gives a "fast" way of loading a program into memory (about 10KB/s), after
    which you just have to type 'RUN' on the C-64. (Heh, maybe I can even put
    'run\r' in the keyboard buffer after writing the program into memory... ;)
    Some additional ideas are to implement commands to 'stop' and 'start' the
    CPU, trigger on a certain address, add a trace-buffer and an 'array of
    counters' that count the usage of opcodes. The latter provides an excellent
    way for profiling software and to find bugs in the CPU during development.
    With kind regards,
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