Re: SSv5 + REU + T232?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-04-19 11:33:59

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    Cameron Kaiser wrote:
    > > > $d700 is on U3 (74LS138) pin 12. $d500 is available there on pin 14, but I
    > > > don't think it would work, at least in C128 mode.
    > >
    > This begs the question of how :-)
    > Personally, this would be a great boon, as I could finally use my FastLoad
    > and SwiftLink together instead of having to disable one or the other due
    > to I/O conflicts (FastLoad is greedy and occupies the whole of $de00-$dfff).
    Using $d500 is not a real option for Turbo232 or Swiftlink, because no
    software is prepared for this. $d700 on the other hand seems to be supported
    very well by many terminal programs. A Google search turns up some articles
    about this, but no detailed description of how to do it. But it should be as
    simple as connecting the above mentioned pin 12 of U3 to pin 6 on the T232
    jumper block (see previous messages). I have no idea about a Swiftlink, since
    I don't have one.
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