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From: Jason Robertson (
Date: 2002-03-25 03:27:16

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    On Sun, 24 Mar 2002 22:35:26 +0000 (GMT), you wrote:
    >I've just received two MPS1000 printers, one black and one white. It looks
    >like the white one at least is new. Interesting thing about them is that
    >they have both Centronics and CBM IEC serial ports. Are they particularly
    >interesting inside? I'd never heard of this model before, but then I don't
    >watch printers very closely and there are plenty of more "expensive" CBM
    >products that only made it to England in minute quantities anyway.
    I havn't seen the inside of mine. However, with a flip of one of the
    dip swicthes on the back you can turn it from a CBM printer using the
    CBM IEC or into a IBM PC Printer (centronics). The printer contains
    the PETSCII and PC ASCII character sets which is set by the same
    mentioned switch.
    I'll have to dig the manual out but you can't use it on both modes at
    once or something bad will happen (if I recall what the manual said
    Other then that it's a fairly good printer and easily still can get
    ribbons for.
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