FW: Bearcat CP-2100 Scanner

Date: 2002-03-25 02:50:41

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    Hi All,
    I've never heard of the Bearcat CP-2100 Scanner, perhaps someone else has
    and can help....
    - Nick
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    Hi Quentin, nice to hear from you.
    I must admit I have never heard of this scanning unit. If you could supply
    more details about it (ie where it plugs in etc) I could forward the email
    to a hacking group I belong to. Someone there might know of an upgrade, or
    even be keen to take up the challenge.
    Best regards, Nick
    On Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:55:30  
     Mabary, Quentin A (Quentin) wrote:
    >I own a C64/128/VIC20. In the mid 80's, I purchased a Bearcat CP-2100
    >Scanner with software created in basic and an interface to the C64. I have
    >enjoyed firing it up over the years but have have always wondered how it
    >would work programmed  with faster code. I have attempted over the years to
    >reassemble the code but I am not a programmer and have not had success. I
    >have always wondered if anybody else out in C64 land has owned one of these
    >Scanners and have rewritten the software. These Scanner wer sold to
    >interface with the C64,Apple II and IBM PC. If you know of ant other users
    >fimilar with this scanner drop me a note or just dissregard this e-mail.
    >Yours truely
    >qmabary@wans.net or mabary@lucent.com
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