Re: SFD-1001 disk mechanisms?

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2002-03-04 03:44:03

Popping off the casing of the SFD I have and noting how packed
everything is (to get at the frame work mounting screws you need to
remove the PCB), decided to take the easy route...

The front of the drive looks different then any of the 1541s or 2031's
I've seen so I figure this is a good starting place,

Below is an ascii representation of the front of the drive (the #s
represent the gate as down, and the /s is the most recessed area), note
the LED for the drive is in the upper right quadrant.

!     O--------+-----+     o     !
! ====#=========/////=========== !
!     #        !/////!           !
!     +--------+-----+           !


Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Hi all. I have just acquired (well, paid for) a small quantity of unused
> Matsushita 5 1/4" disk drive mechanisms. They came from a source with a
> history of CBM involvement so I suspect they may be replacements for
> Commodore drives; however I do not recognise them from any of the serial
> or TCBM ranges. I think they're double sided drives from the number of
> bundles going to the head assembly.
> There was talk of SFD-1001s here a while ago, so I was wondering whether
> anyone could tell me if these are the mechanisms used in SFD-1001s. There
> is "JU-570-2" on a label on the back of the mechanism and there is another
> label on the platter on the underside of the mechanism which says "TYPE
> DDF5-21D-34F".
> Richard
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