Re: SFD-1001 disk mechanisms?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-03-04 16:22:35

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Ruud and Levente, I think you were discussing working / non-working
> SFD-1001s earlier. Were there any mechanisms at all, or all board-level
> problems?

I also discussed two nonworking SFDs with Ruud recently, but in my case the
drives were fine, and the 6530s were dead.

Once a person sent me a 8250LP for repair, and it turned out that one R/W
head was bad. He then sent me a replacement drive that he said would fit, but
it was a 96tpi version of the drive, and of course it would not read 100tpi
disks. I put the 100tpi stepper into the 96tpi replacement drive, made a
complete adjustment and the drive works fine since then :-)


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