C64 Aldi serial numbers

From: Richard Atkinson (rga24_at_cantab.net)
Date: 2002-03-12 21:57:05

Hi all. I've just received what I've been told is a C64 Aldi, but I'm not
entirely sure I trust the sender's principles (he has a habit of building
"odd" machines out of bits and then sending them to me as trade material)
so I was wondering if anyone could confirm the serial number range of an

It's a beige case machine, with the converted C16 moulded words above the
ports. The keyboard is from what I call the "64C" - ie. white keys,
old-style lettering. Inside the motherboard is a 9V type with seperate
2114 colour SRAM, and it is interesting to note that all the custom chips
are MOS-branded, even the 64 pin shrink-DIP ASIC. There's no CSG in there
and no Sharp, unlike every other 9V board I have seen. They're date-coded
87 so this is a pretty early 9V board.

Does this serial number (WG A437658) lie within a similar range to other
peoples' Aldis?


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