Re: Serial Slave 0.7b out

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-02-27 15:55:22

Christopher Phillips wrote:
> I wouldn't be particularly surprised.  However, I know very little about
> drives other than the 1541.  (By the DOS CPU I assume you mean the 6502 in
> the drive)

Not "the 6502", but the DOS 6502.  The other 6502 in Commodore IEEE-488 
drives is the disk controller.  Serial bus drives have only one CPU, and 
the controller CPU is emulated with timer interrupts, but the job queue 
infrastructure is still present in the software.

> Yes, I saw the note on your C2N page.  I seem to recall though, that you'd
> already made a start on designing the hardware before your visit to the UK;

Nope, I had only made some experiments with microcontrollers, but I 
didn't have any Commodore-related projects in mind.

 > Jeanette or John may be willing to do some soldering, but I
> cannot ask Jeanette until she returns from South America (two weeks).

Does that mean that there might be a UK-based redistributor for the 
C2N232?  BTW, assembling the devices is not that hard.  I've done it in 
30 minutes, and this is my first SMD project.  I even found an easy and 
cheap way of batch programming the microcontrollers, so that there is no 
need to solder and desolder programming leads.  (I soldered only GND and 
VCC to the microcontroller being programmed, and most of the time, there 
was good contact on the pins needed for programming.  Sometimes I had to 
press the chip hard against the board.)


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