RE: Serial Slave 0.7b out

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2002-02-27 16:12:02

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Christopher Phillips wrote:
> > (By the DOS CPU I assume you mean the 6502 in
> > the drive)
> Not "the 6502", but the DOS 6502.  The other 6502 in 
> Commodore IEEE-488 drives is the disk controller.
> Serial bus drives have only one CPU, and the controller
> CPU is emulated with timer interrupts, but the job queue 
> infrastructure is still present in the software.

Ahh.  OK, given that and what Nicolas wrote, I think my
code would be fine, as long as the CPU is within a
few percent of 1MHz (I could increase tolerance by adding
some more NOPs between dibits on c64 and drive code),
and as long as the job queue locations and codes have
not changed.  I will leave the sync-per-byte in for
now, as it is safer for NTSC compatibility and 
subtly different drives.  I don't call any ROM routines,

> > Yes, I saw the note on your C2N page.  I seem to
> > recall though, that you'd already made a start on
> > designing the hardware before your visit to the UK;
> Nope, I had only made some experiments with microcontrollers, but I 
> didn't have any Commodore-related projects in mind.

Cool.  I thought I'd seen some circuit layouts, but must have
been thinking of your VIC20 games collection project.

>  > Jeanette or John may be willing to do some soldering, but I
> > cannot ask Jeanette until she returns from South America 
> (two weeks).
> Does that mean that there might be a UK-based redistributor for the 
> C2N232?  

*grin*  Don't ask me; I'm not the one with the soldering iron ;)
(My soldering is _terrible_..)


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