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Date: 2002-02-27 15:27:55

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> A wild idea: How much does the hardware of the PET disk drives vary? 
> Would a custom routine that runs on the DOS CPU work on all types of 
> drives ([234]040, 8[02]50 and 90[69]0)? 

I wouldn't be particularly surprised.  However, I know very little about
drives other than the 1541.  (By the DOS CPU I assume you mean the 6502 in
the drive)

> > True.  I will tidy up my own code a little first though.
> But don't look at the protocol the IRQ loader uses.  It tolerates 
> arbitrary pauses on the computer side, but it has very bad throughput.

I think I had a look when I was poking around for starting points while I
tried to remember what I used to know about fastloaders.  (Somewhere I have
some code for reading disks that have only one sector per track, and custom
5 bits-in-6 GCR.  A parallel cable was required for writing, of course..)

> Maybe I haven't pointed it out clearly enough, but the 
> current version 
> of cbmlink supports also 6551 based null modem connections (3 wires: 
> GND, TxD and RxD) on POSIX termios and on Win32.

Ahh; Again I need to spend more time reading other peoples documentation :)

> [C2N232]
> > I'd be interested in testing it
> In that case, send me your address.  After all, I wouldn't 
> have invented it if I hadn't visited your place.

Yes, I saw the note on your C2N page.  I seem to recall though, that you'd
already made a start on designing the hardware before your visit to the UK;
Did you repurpose it in the light of your visit, or have I misunderstood
something of the history of this project?  I will forward my address
privately.  Jeanette or John may be willing to do some soldering, but I
cannot ask Jeanette until she returns from South America (two weeks).


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