RE: VIC-1001 info

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-12-14 12:23:16

Well, the problem (the bad first byte) no doubt has something to do with the
second issue (the wierd way I had to read it).  I missed the bad character,
but can correct it with a bit editor.

As for your question, me and Mr. Benson often trade to support each others
Commodore habits.  The VIC 1001 was part of one of our trades.

Should that ROM have been readable as a 2732?

- Bo

> VICE and they work great.
> Interestingly, the 901460-02 dump (character generator ROM) differs from
> the 901460-02 and 901486-02 I posted on (and announced on
> this list) last August.  In your copy, the first byte is $ff instead of
> $1c, and as a result, the first line of the @ character is incorrect.
> > Interestingly, since the char rom was a 4k chip, I figured
> reading it as a
> > 2732 would do the trick.  It did not, the second character set
> was filled
> > with 255s.  I had to read it as a 2564 or 2764 (I forget which) and just
> > ignore the upper 4k.  Anybody know why that is?
> The guy who dumped the ROMs from his VIC-1001 (Daniel Benson I think) had
> the same problem, and finally he dumped the character ROM to a disk file
> with the SAVE command.  Did you by any chance buy his computer from Ebay?
> 	Marko
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