Re: VIC-1001 info

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-12-14 10:26:36

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Bo Zimmerman wrote:

> I've just posted the unique roms from the VIC-1001 on my site.  They
> include a REV2 kernal, and a REV2 character rom.  I've tried them both in
> VICE and they work great.

Interestingly, the 901460-02 dump (character generator ROM) differs from
the 901460-02 and 901486-02 I posted on (and announced on
this list) last August.  In your copy, the first byte is $ff instead of
$1c, and as a result, the first line of the @ character is incorrect.

> Interestingly, since the char rom was a 4k chip, I figured reading it as a
> 2732 would do the trick.  It did not, the second character set was filled
> with 255s.  I had to read it as a 2564 or 2764 (I forget which) and just
> ignore the upper 4k.  Anybody know why that is?

The guy who dumped the ROMs from his VIC-1001 (Daniel Benson I think) had
the same problem, and finally he dumped the character ROM to a disk file
with the SAVE command.  Did you by any chance buy his computer from Ebay?


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