Re: plus/4 problems: continued

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2001-12-14 11:07:29


Daniele Gratteri wrote:
> Well, I wrote to the person who asked me advice for solving his problem. So,
> now, he tried to substitute plus/4's TED with the one from a working C16.
> The problem still remains. He also told me that the keyboard doesn't accept
> input also after many hours of inactivity and that some days are needed for
> the keyboard to start to work again.

I'd first try to swap the power supply.

And second, if the problem still remains, I'd check actually _what_
characters are seen on the screen. This can give a hint on the defect

For example, if the characters are 'absolutely' random, this points to
something different than the RAMs (maybe a multiplexer, or the FPLA or
whatever). Maybe even shows _which_ multiplexer is defect. On the other
hand, if the effect is 'typical', this shows only one or two defect data
bits, e.g. one or two defect RAM chips.

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